On July 20th, 2015, TraceVerified had the opportunity to visit and work at one of the organic cultivating farms of Organica.

Welcoming us is Mrs. Phuong Thao, founder of Organica, a young woman but has always cherished the big dream to bring organic food closer to the Vietnamese.

Founded by the enthusiasm of young people in 2013, so far the Organica system has 2 stores, 3 farms and hundreds of different product types. Organica always keeps in mind to provide organic foods and Natural Foods for consumers of Vietnam. In addition to a number of imported organic products, Organica has 3 farms which have been justified Organic by Europe in providing vegetables, fruit  and grains .

Organic foods are foods that are produced by organic farming methods with the rules:

- No genetically modified organism (Non-GMO)

- No growth stimulants

- No chemical plant protection

- No chemical fertilizer

- No preservatives

It sounds simple, but to obtain the organic product to consumers is a process extremely difficult and strenuous. First, the land to implement organic farming must be completely clean, and the surroundings also. Second,  plant varieties must be extremely rigorous selected. Third, the farming is very hard because everything must be done manually from sowing, watering to weeding, because the flue gas of machines will also affect crop quality. Finally, until the harvest is completed, farmers are nervous about the plants having pests or diseases, because if so, they  can not do anything but let plants wither slowly.

 Manually weedings

When being asked why to choose such a tough road, people on the farm agreed that the effort deserved because in return, they get a lot of things, the good food, the fresh and clean working environment, a healthy mind and body.

The path of organic products still did not stop there. The consumption is also a tough problem. Because of the characteristics of this method the cost is much higher compared with normal products. Besides, the issue of food safety in the country and the world make consumers always suspect the quality of the products. However, Mrs. Thao believes that if you do business with honesty day by day, people will trust Organica products.

On the last 20/7, TraceVerified had the opportunity to visit and work at one of the organic cultivating farms of Organica. TraceVerified is the unique electronic traceability service of Vietnam. By using TraceVerified, Organica desires information transparency and commits its organic farming process with consumers. We believes that with that true entrepreneurial spirit, days that Vietnamese may safely use the fresh and healthy food are not so far. It is not only the wish of TraceVerified and Organica, but also the wish of millions of Vietnamese.

Some pictures of the travel: