Giới thiệu

Organica, founded in early 2013, is an organic food development and distribution system operated with a mission: helping Vietnamese consumers reach a better life by qualified organic, natural or no genetically modified (GMO) food which are certified officially.

We believe that everyone has the rights to use clean, safe and healthy food. But it seems to be impossible under the conditions of our traditional agriculture. Started as a small business, we have been trying really hard to serve and provide our customers the best safe, clean and affordable products. Besides, we are on our way to achieve the bigger goal by cooperate with our local suppliers to produce the best goods for Vietnamese. 


Organica’s mission is to help people approach organic and natural food easier. Not only providing organic products, but we also bring out helpful information about the benefits they can make for people and community.

Each person has different approach to organic and natural food. Therefore, we are here to support you by:

•    Only provide organic and natural food qualified by prestigious certificates in general and verified by Organica in particular.

•    Create positive, long-term and trustable relationships between Organica and customers, staff, suppliers and communities.

•    Assist farms, remote communities, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable subjects in society to cultivate by organic and natural methods to reach a better lives.

We have a strong belief that in a near future, all Vietnamese people would be able to use clean food and many of them would choose organic food as their life style.